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Tom Morton is a man of many talents and aspirations. His five years in the Marine Corps Infantry and two deployments to Afghanistan taught him to make the best of any situation and to find a way to solve any problem. Since leaving the Marine Corps in 2014, Tom has worked in a variety of fields, including personal training, armed security, fugitive recovery, construction, and emergency medicine. Tom's greatest skill is his ability to think on his feet and adapt to any situation, which is why he has been able to excel in such wildly different industries. Given the opportunity, Tom and Best Option Restoration - Savannah will show up promptly, handle things professionally, and get you back to your everyday life as quickly as possible.

Symone Morton is the type of strong, independent, hard-working woman that makes you proud to live in America. After learning to always push for excellence as a college softball star, she has worked in fields ranging from landscaping to medical insurance, and has never had a job where she was not rapidly promoted. Her work ethic, attention to detail, and endearing customer service have set her apart in all of her previous professions, and continue to help set Best Option Restoration - Savannah apart from all other companies in the industry. If called, Symone and the people of Best Option Restoration - Savannah will be nothing but kind, polite, and professional as they help you get your home and life back in order.

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We hold ourselves and our contractors to the highest of standards. Our crews receive extensive training from the best in the industry and follow all IICRC s500 standards. We require all of our technicians to be trained, certified and insured so our valuable customers can breath easy once we arrive on scene.

The best option in restoration and disaster situations

Best Option Restoration in Savannah offers a variety of restoration services, such as water damage, fire damage, storm damage, mold remediation, contents cleaning, commercial and large loss damage. When disaster strikes, we are here to make sure any trace of damage is removed and restored back to its original condition.

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After research, I believe this is the BEST company for the services needed. Extremely knowledgable, Very professional! Thank You So Very Much!!

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Cheryl and her team are so thorough and professional. The level of service provided was outstanding!

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